Shaun Burris

He was the co-host and one of the stars of Extreme Paranormal on A&E and is co-producer and host of The Shadow Nation radio show (formerly The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show). He’s appeared on SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive and in two films by Exspiro Productions – American Ghost Watchers and Dr. Dawn’s American Spirit Summit. He also hosted and produced his own YouTube series called Twisted Gypsies. In addition to doing his own radio show, Shaun has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows, including the nationally syndicated The BOB & TOM Show. He also does a select few conferences throughout the year.

Shaun, who played semi-pro football in his native Indiana, lives for ghost stories. He is a paranormal investigator with a love for local legends who grew up in a haunted home. He has spent 16-plus years in paranormal research, and his main concentration is EVP/ITC research. He’s the total package – he can tell you stories from his childhood that will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more; he can talk about his adventures ghost hunting that will have you laughing and scared at the same time.

Whether you like what he’s done or not, Shaun is out there doing it because he loves it. He didn’t go looking for the opportunities that have come his way. It’s all for the love of the game not the fame baby…and let’s not forget he is a sex symbol for women all over the world. What’s not to love

Nathan Schoonover
The Demon Hunter

Most people know Nathan Schoonover from the popular comedy paranormal/horror radio show The Ghostman & Demon Hunter and from his role as occult specialist and co-host on A&E’s controversial television special Extreme Paranormal, where he and his co-host Shaun B changed the face of radio and TV.

Nathan has also appeared on’s Streets of Fear as an historian, Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge as an investigator, and Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story as a researcher. He served as an EVP Specialist on a supernatural episode of The Maury Show, and as a host/investigator on the web series Paranormal Valley. He was also a consultant on THE EVERYTHING GHOST HUNTING BOOK.

Nathan is a student of history and the occult, as well as a Master Mason. He is also a paranormal researcher and consultant who works with paranormal groups all over the world. He has spent over 20 years working with ghost hunters, demonologists, psychics and other researchers; he’s peeked in back doors, watched occult ceremonies, and joined in pagan rituals even though he is not a pagan himself. He has spent years talking with paranormal witnesses and studying the philosophies of believers and nonbelievers in the supernatural. Nathan believes in the possibilities of the paranormal and accepts that there may be evidence to support it; however, he does not believe anyone has captured proof of its existence.

The Shadow Nation

The Shadow Nation radio show, formerly the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show, goes above and beyond the hunt for ghosts and Bigfoot and searches for the source behind the public’s fascination with local fairy-tales and shadowy topics: the fun behind the fear. Big name celebrities and local authors are just a few of the adventures you can expect. News, zombies, and big name guests as well as G&D friends and more. Why do they try so hard? Because these may not just be stories – these could be legends! Join us every week.

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