Bob Carter-Sammy Terry and Brian J. Cano

Bob Carter is best known for his portrayal of camp horror film host Sammy Terry. The format of Carter’s Nightmare Theater usually involved the showing of two films. During the commercial breaks, Carter, as “Sammy Terry,” would engage in camp banter with the audience and his floating rubber spider, George. This banter often included some commentary on the films being shown, which included classic films. As one of the founding members of SCARED, Brian J. Cano started out as the skeptic. As the show progressed, he became increasingly more receptive of the paranormal. He has taken courses in Astrology, Parapsychology and is certified as an EVP-ITC Technician and Paranormal Investigator. As the resident Parapsychologist he now approaches all investigations with an open mind and is readily willing to accept the truth, no matter where it lies.