Dive into the future of Spirit Communication with Gary Galka

Shadow Nation with Gary Galka

The time has come, Tesla & Edison’s idea for a Phone to the Dead has been created. Gary Galka of pro-measure.com & DAS DIstribution stops by studio to walk us through some never before heard spirit audio obtained with this new device. The truth has come & Death is an illusion. 

Unveiling the Secret Space Program with Captain Randy Cramer

Shadow Nation Col. Randy Cramer

On this Episode of your Shadow Nation Podcast we go off Planet as were joined by USMCss Col. Randy Cramer to talk about Americas Secret Space Program & the battle for Mars. Be sure to get in chat on YouTube @shadownationpodcast so you can join the discussion.

The Rise of the ANUNNAKI- Aliens or God’s with Dr. Heather Lynn

Shadow Nation Dr Heather Lynn

Today, Truth Podcasting returns with your Shadow Nation podcast as we dive right in to the topic of the Ancient one’s… Are the Anunnaki returning to Earth to reclaim our species? We find out tonight with Host of The Midnight Academy Dr. Heather Lynn author, teacher & so much more. Ancient | Aliens | UAPS […]

True Ghost Stories Contest

Ghost Stories

To kick off spooky season your GhostMan Shaun Burris reads Listeners best Ghostly Story submissions for a chance to win prizes…

Dr. Richard Gallagher and the Demonic Foes

Richard Gallagher, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, is a professor of psychiatry at New York Medical and a psychoanalyst on the faculty of Columbia University. He graduated from Princeton University, Phi Beta Kappa in classics, and trained as a resident in psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. The world’s foremost scientific expert on the subject […]

Speaking with the Dead with Sheri Perl

Sheri Perl

Tonight’s Episode with Author & ITC researcher Sheri Perl stops by studio to show us whole new ways & techniques of communicating with the spirit worlds. Here amazing story & evidence will blow your mind!