Demonologist Dr. William Bradshow and Cayce Hopkins

Dr. Bradshaw is coming forward to provide an unbiased, no holds- barred look at evil spirits and exorcism and the role they play in our lives.
Dr. Bradshaw is the author of the new thriller, Sinister Among Us — which reveals the complexities of demon possession and exorcism directly taken from real-life circumstances, scholarly research, and personal knowledge. He is an ordained minister and one of the only Americans to receive a Ph.D. in demonology from an accredited university.

Casey Hopkins had an online presence from 1994 through 2001 with The Cabinet of Dr. Casey – a site dedicated to the horror genre. Aside from his interest in the horror genre, Casey has always been an avid traveler to dark and mysterious places to explore the stories firsthand. After bringing the site back up as in 2006, he teamed up with former contributor Tom Gleason to open a section of the site dedicated to mysterious and macabre travels. Dark Destinations opened in August of 2007 and is quickly growing a following for its vast array of topics and information.