Dwayne Claud

Dwayne had an interest in the paranormal at a very young age. Although, he never truly experienced anything, he knew there must be something more out there. It was in his early twenties that he discovered what lurked in the darkness and that not all that is there is friendly.

Dwayne is a published author. In October 2007, he self-published his first book Baptism By Fire: The Story of a Demonologist. The book chronicled his experience with the demonic and two additional cases that he was involved in. It was just a year later that he was contracted by Schiffler Books to author Rochester Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide which was released in February 2009. In October 2009, his third book Finger Lake Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide, followed by his forth Southern Tier New York Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide in February 2010 will be released by Schiffler Books.

Dwayne is a much sought after lecturer. His experience in demonic investigation and research makes him a captivating speaker. Some of the programs he has available for presentation include Demonic Haunting: A Reality, Scary Games, Superstitions and Urban Legends, and Ghost Hunting.