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Doctor Richard Gallagher is a board-certified psychiatrist and professor at New York Medical College who has been working with priests for 25 years.

He has interviewed thousands of people thought to have been possessed, confirming hundreds of actual demonic possessions.

Gallagher, who is Catholic, is also an adviser for the International Association of Exorcists. He is publishing a book, Demonic Foes, A Psychiatrist Investigates Demonic Possession in the Modern United States, about his experiences.

The Demonic activity continues during and after this interview.

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  • Christopher says:


    Rich Gallagher gave you sound biblical advice. To be pursuing this contrary to the Bible’s admonitions against it, is idolatry. God never calls us to anything in conflict to what os already written. Lay down your life and desires for His. That is the call of Christ to all. We put His word as the rule of life. No exceptions.

    I enjoyed this episode and listened for sound biblical doctrine to be involved. Rich gave, as I said, a stern warning about continuing to pursue this stuff. He is correct 100% in that. Where I don’t agree is that mental illness is not demonic. Why I say this is because there is not one example of mental illness in the Bible that was not demonic. Every person Jesus healed of a mental illness, He cast out a demon, or many at once. All mental illness from a Biblical evidence is rooted in demonic presence.
    Physical illness is shown in the healings of Christ to be the result of the fallen nature and curse of earth, as well as instances where the same illnesses were healed by the ejection of an evil spirit. But nowhere is mental illness healed where it was due to the natural fallen world. It was always healed by removing a demon. Always.
    As Rich said, they hide themselves in things that appear as something else.
    There is so much more to this than can be stated here, but please heed his warning and depart from pursuing these entities. It is disobedient to God, and no pray will protect us from rejecting to obey His will. Thanks.

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