The Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Indianapolis

Nathan and Shaun talk to Lorri Sankowsky and Keri Young, authors of the Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Indianapolis!

This intriguing account by ghost hunters Lorri Sankowsky and Keri Young covers everything from high-tech gadgets, to inborn psychic abilities, while instructing readers on how to locate friendly or not so friendly apparitions.

This account is equally informative for both the novice and the more experienced paranormal researcher. It offers visitors and residents a chance to see beyond the surface of various haunted locations throughout the area. Numerous sites of criminal activity, suicides, tragic fires and accidents, and disturbed remains abound in Indiana, providing hundreds of opportunities for ghost hunting.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Lorri Sankowsky and Keri Young were the former codirectors of a prominent paranormal investigation group in the Indianapolis area. Together they have explored many famous ghostly locations, such as the French Lick Springs Hotel, the legendary Indiana Motor Speedway, and various haunted cemeteries.

For these two women, inspiration for this book came after many years of researching and exploring paranormal areas throughout their region, witnessing first hand some of the strange and unusual events in Indy’s most haunted locations.