Maline LaNoux author of Spirits of Louisiana

Maline LaNoux was born in the most haunted and mysterious city in Louisiana: The Big Easy, New Orleans. She is a fifth generation Spirit Medium and practitioner of Spiritualism and Cadoo. Ms. LaNoux is married and resides with her husband in South Louisiana. She consults with Paranormal Investigators, performs private readings and teaches seminars on the subject of Paranormal Spirit Phenomenon. She has appeared on national television, been interviewed by other authors, as well as newspaper, radio and print media.

Spirits of Louisiana: Experiences of a Cajun Medium is a reflection of Maline LaNoux’s life growing up with the gift of mediumship in South Louisiana where her mother’s strict religious beliefs collided with the practice of “Cadoo” and the spiritualist culture of her Cajun heritage. She reveals her experiences dealing with spirits of all types — from children, dead relatives, discovering her great-grandmother as her spirit guide to taking on inhuman demonic forces.