Sabrina Ithal a.k.a. Gore Girl

The Baroness of Blood’s insatiable thirst for horror started when she was a toddler and she has devoted herself to film ever since. She’s been working in the film industry since she was 17 having done nearly every position from Special FX Supervisor and Assistant Producer to Key Grip and Camera and all the juicy bits in between. GG feels that her intense study and breakdown of film, coupled with vast experience on all levels of a film set, have given her unique tools and insight to bring to the table as a movie critic. Currently, she parlays that insanity on the hit radio show “The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show”.

GG loves to ghosthunt and explore the history behind haunted places and frequents key paranormal and horror events mostly as a stalker. She also teaches classes on paranormal and film in her native land called Chicago.