Skinwalker Ranch

Hero Paranormal investigate and research verified reports and sightings of anamolous activity while protecting those involved. Finally a research group situated in Utah’s famous Uintah Basin. A hotbed  for UFO’s, many types of craft, crypto-odditites and high strangeness have been reported in this area for years.

Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch located in the Uintah Basin of Utah. It has been the focal point of many paranormal events. The area surrounding the ranch is just as active. UFOs, creatures of every shape and size, and mysterious small intelligents lights are common. The ranch has for some reason gotten all of the publicity when in reality the entire area is alive with activity. The former owners of the ranch where a family called the Shermans, they were so tormented and harrassed by all the paranormal activity that they sold the ranch to a Las Vegas Tycoon who has been doing scientific research there in one form or another ever since. Native Americans believe the entire area known as Skinwalker Territory is cursed in some way shape or form. A Skinwalker is difficult to describe but not unsimilar to a Native American Witch with a great deal of Black Magic prowess. They are said to be able to take the forms of different animals and Shapeshift. Many werewolf like creatures have been sighted in the area and are know to run alongside vehicles. I have dropped everything and dedicated my life to the research of the variety of extreme strangeness, my name is Ryan Burns.