Spiritualist Thom Angels

In the 1990’s Thom Angels went in for a minor operation on his foot. The Novacaine traveled up an artery in Thom’s right leg and rushed throughout his body stopping his heart. Thom was dead. While on the other side Thom saw spirits, visited heaven, and met an angle named Amelia.

Thom was then pulled back through a tunnel of brilliant light where his doctors where trying to save his life. Additionally, Thom also received the very special gift of healing. With the help and assistance of angelic beings, Thom has used this gift to help many sick individuals.

For nearly twenty years now, Spiritualist, Thom Angels, has helped countless individuals with the special gifts he was given in the City of Heaven. Thom Angels continues to help people with his gifts everyday.

For the first time, Spiritualist Thom Angels will tell his story on The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show.

Thom Angels can be reached at ThomAngels@aol.com