Syd Schultz The Director of The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society

We talk about some real Ghost Hunting with Syd Schultz – The Director of The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society.

Syd approaches the paranormal from a very technical and skeptical side. Always looking for rational explanations to things possibly paranormal, he chooses to make sure that when called in to help he is prepared to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the activity. Syd’s team is a wide and varied group that has been brought together with the best thought for helping those in need. From an expert in the technical field, to an archaeologist, to therapists, and mediums, Syd’s team is equipped to get to the bottom of any activity. Including a pest control expert and an electrican, Syd leaves no stone unturned. With equipment to record any activity and compare experiences to validate what is occurring at any given time, Syd is not one to jump to the first conclusion of a haunting. Having actually experienced an apparition at his place of work lead him on the path of trying to find answers. A professional all the way, Syd leads his team in the quest to help and find answers wherever possible.