Terri Garofalo author and artist of Entities-R-Us

Nathan and Shaun talk with Artist, Cartoonist and Humorous Wordsmith Terri J. Garofalo. Terri is the creator behind Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic. She is an artist across the board in multiple media ranging from clay to illustration and graphic design. Her interest in the supernatural and paranormal investigation is apparent in the subject matter of Entities. www.entities-r-us.com

Ghost Hunter Comic: Entities-R-Us is a “hi-tech” organization dedicated to paranormal detection, identification and get-rid-ification. Their ability to do the latter part of that statement is questionable. These guys attempt to prove the metaphysical by virtue of the physical through the earthly measure of science. This could be construed as trying to prove the cow by subjecting the stable surrounding it to rigorous scientific examination. That said, the Entities crew has collected quite a bit of evidence that suggest there IS something out there that could be the “smoking cow”, or in this case, a ghost.